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Preservation of tropical ecosystems by restauration of polluted rivers


Proyecto Higueras is a non profit organitation, our goal is the cleaning and preservation of the rivers in the Huallaga Valley, and provide environmental education to the population in the area, as well as promoting environmental voluntering. We are commited to improving awareness through education and prevention. Our mission is to create a Community network to preserv tropical water systems and the biodiversity coexisting in the Huallaga and Higueras river. We shall create one collective voice to influence the future policy, planning, management and deforestation strategies, in the Huallaga Valley, as a part as one of the largest river system in the earth, the Huallaga river is a very important water  source of the main Amazonas river. At the moment the river  it is pollutet and rapidly degradated, by industry and human waste. Many species are in danger of extinction, and the biodiversity in an alarm rate. Therefore we will work to developcomunity based programs and projects that reduce the pollution, promote save and clean riverwaters,  and a healthier natural enviroment. By fostering partnerships between the comunity and  the public entities, and working togheter with the community autorities, the bussineses area, the national goverment,the  and the volunteers in general, we hope to create enviromental  awareness, as well as respect for our ancestral culture, a country with the greatest biodiversity in the world. To save the rivers in the area and raising enviromental awareness is the mission.

Latest update on the project

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Some objectives of this project are (not limited to):

  • Education of citizens across the Huallaga and Higueras valleys, about the water pollution issues, how to contribute to solve these problems. 

  • Provide an agent for sustainable change, that will support, advice and guide leaders in sustainable solutions.

  • Empowering the users of water, to protect water resources, and the biodiversity.

Latest Project

Get Involved

Do you want to get involved in cleaning the rivers? Contact us to help preserve tropical ecosystems by restauration of polluted rivers.


Small budgets and time, can be a risk factor to reach out the target of engaging those populations, as the best way to reach them will be by offering intangible services, as medical attention, or education in school matters, as well as small companies.

Therefore, donations, both in the form of voluntary work, and work, can help realise the project, and thereby clean the rivers.

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