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About the project

The world largest river system, the Amazonas basin, and the main river sub-basins, here including the Huallaga and Higuera’s rivers, are rapidly degraded and polluted, by dams, mining, overfishing, deforestation, rubbish dump and, both domestic and chemical toxic waste. Thus, this is warning us about the immediate threats to the region’s river, and consequentially to the main basin: the Amazonas river, the largest drainage system in the world, with about 2.7 million square miles; stretching the greater part of Brazil and Perú, and significant parts of Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia. The Amazonas river is the main artery of the Amazonas rainforest system.

The threats to the river ecosystem, as well as the hydrological cycle of the nutrient flows, and the deforestation of the rainforest in the river stretches, are also facing an increasing problem of pollutions from agricultural plots (chemical, fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides) as well as huge loads of rubbish, from local communities, been dumped into the river sides and the river itself, as many videos footages from environmental activists shows. Local campaigners claims, that this situation made people, who live near the rivers, ill. This makes it an health issue problem, that the local communities are facing.


There is an urgent need to change the Amazonas plans for ecosystem conservation, and in this specific case, the sub basins Huallaga and   Higueras, facilitating the rivers ecosystem conservation plans, giving access to infrastructure projects, as well as deforestation induced changes and deforestations dynamics, and in the same time, promoting and educating on the river natural resources, encouraging  the creation of the protected areas, and the active participation of communities, to create  sustainable dynamics  to the protection of the ecosystem.

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